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One liner

Limitations only exist in your mind

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Intercultural aspects, Integration, Intuitive Coaching, Communication, Spiritual Coaching

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An intuitive coach with world wide experience in cultural behaviour. Nice to meet you! I have lived, worked, and socialised, for about 30 years now, with people from many different countries of the world. I lived outside the Netherlands for 20 years, in which I made five intercontinental moves (Asia, Middle East, Europe). I understand what it means 'coming from abroad' and to start anew somewhere. Besides that, I made a profound internal consciousness journey. So I can say, I have an open-minded and globally formed view on life in general. I feel that through my own personal experiences, internally and externally, I am well seasoned in dealing with life's challenges. Career wise and personally. Also for me the process never stops, I am looking forward to meet you and learn from you too. Do you also like to live your full potential?

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