Share Abundance

Share Abundance

Published on LinkedIn January 2019

I also volunteer at Humanitas Eindhoven. An organisation which supports the vulnerable people in our society. Just 2 hours a week I visit a family (in my case a foreign family because I like the intercultural aspect).

I encourage mothers to take actions to make life better for herself and her family. We communicate with hands and toes, and with my last Home-Start friend from Tunisia in Arabic, English, Dutch and French, all mixed up. I say friend because that is what we become, we have fun and enjoy the time together.

Working with expats/internationals as well, I see the sharp division in opportunities and possibilities for the less able, the less financial fortunate, the less educated, moreover the less confident.

Of course, it is not only what is not available for this group (low cost, easy accessible (efficiently organised) support, help, education or jobs), it is also their own capability, attitude and upbringing which holds them back to create a better life or to reach out themselves. This is how it is. Some are born lucky in a certain place, with certain learning abilities, health and wise parents. Others just not.

So when you are belonging to the happy few (or got there anyway), you can be very lucky! Is this a reason to feel guilty or not to enjoy your wealth? Definitely not! Not to enjoy what you have (around you) would be an offence to the universe and a pity. And I think, good things do not come out of negative feelings easily. So better to fully appreciate, feeling grateful AND sharing your abundance. In time, energy or money, whatever works best for you or your organisation. Being aware of what is happening in society and contributing to make it more balanced, that is what we can do. The 80/20 concept is a very fair approach.

So that the Eindhoven ‘of the two speeds’ (freely translated from ‘de twee snelheden’ meaning the difference in capabilities of groups of people who are able to join the high technology race or not), will become ONE EINDHOVEN!

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